Original & effective

Choose BeBa Promotions' exclusive approach

No dime-a-dozen products, but attractive custom made: this is the secret of BeBa Promotions' successful approach, and it is also why we do not maintain a standard range of products. We create and develop original and customized give-aways and loyalty programmes.
Give-aways, gadgets, promotional gifts, thingummies, premiums and promotional items: the Internet is full of suppliers who, for the lowest price, would like nothing more than to print your logo on anything. However, you won't stand out anymore with a printed coffee mug or USB stick. In choosing BeBa Promotions, you are choosing for an original approach. As a young company, we bring copywriters, designers, manufacturers and creative ideas together. Our speciality is brainstorming with our clients and creating promotional items and activities that dovetail with your company, your operations or your product. We also develop new products and loyalty programmes, producing attractive custom work that conveys your message, meets your budget and reaches your target audience.