Simple & smart

Low-lying sun?
Give your company a place in the sun with the SideSun!

Exclusively from BeBa Promotions: the SideSun eliminates irritation caused by a low-lying sun while driving. We can provide this original give-away in any colour, and, of course, bearing your logo or text. It is a smart product that catches the eye.

We've all been there: you're driving home at the end of the day, your eyes fixed on the car in front and the radio on. Suddenly, you're nearly blinded by that irritating, low-lying sun. Sunshades or sunglasses help for a while, but not when the sun is suddenly shining through your side window. This isn't just irritating and warm, it's dangerous, too.
The smart solution
The SideSun is the new and exceptionally smart solution for this every-day problem. There is no fussing about with suction cups that only dirty your window before coming loose; simply slide the SideSun between your car window and the rubber, and kiss the low-lying sun goodbye. The SideSun is easy to place and position, and, thanks to its smart design, it fits any car window. The SideSun is exclusively developed by BeBa Promotions and is manufactured using only sustainable and recyclable plastics.

Suddenly, you're nearly blinded by the low sun
SideSun is easy to place and position

1001 possibilities
The SideSun is an excellent promotional product, give-away or service item, and its applications are endless. Smart car leasing companies deliver each car with a free SideSun, reducing the risk of accidents and increasing their name recognition. Sensible insurers give them away as effective promotional materials for their car insurance policies. And what do you think of introducing a new brand of sunscreen, summer discounts at a department store, or blinding savings from an optician with the SideSun? Anything is possible.

Give your company a place in the sun
The SideSun is available in any colour and bearing your logo and/or text, single and double-sided. Help motorists keep the sun out safely and give your brand or company a place in the sun. Moreover, we can provide lightning-quick deliveries of this product, in any volume desired.

More information
If you would like to know more about the SideSun and the possibilities available to your company or campaign, please contact us to arrange an informal meeting. A telephone call to 31 622 449 924 or e-mail to will suffice.